Pelllicer Creek in August

Here is what happens when I wait too long to make my blog entries, I do not remember the details or perhaps even the big things. Let’s start with Pellicer Creek the weekend of August 22. Looking for a little longer journey to make sure that all of the under carriage repairs were in order we decided to spend the weekend just a little farther south.

After a non-eventful drive we arrived around 8:00pm after calling at 7:30 pm to let them know we were running late but were about 30 minutes away. Pat met us at the gate and took us to site 23 which probably has the second best view in the entire park. A quick setup and were there for the weekend.

As usual Jim and Pat were more than helpful and we had a wonderful, restful weekend. Since we do not have an optimal setup to take advantage of their wonderful cable TV offerings, we used our trailer antenna and enjoyed not watching the single channel we could get over the air. I say enjoyed not watching because it was actually a nice change to unhook and find other things to do. We usually choose to use our cell for WI-FI here to get a little better speed, but even with that it is pretty slow.

When we were getting ready to breakdown the campsite, this was the first experience I had with the sewer connection to the ground being higher in elevation that the end of our trailer connection. I made the hose connection and pulled the gate valve and things did not flow with their usual enthusiasm. After realizing the issue, I managed to get the final flow out of the tank by lifting the hose about mid-point and getting it to drain. After a few times of doing that I could get the tank to be completely empty. After refilling the tank to flush it out I performed the same procedure only to have the hose come uncoupled from the trailer and dump about 2 – 3 gallons on the ground. Later Jeannie commented that it smelled like a horse stable nearby. We had a good laugh when I told her the cause of the odor. I did flush the area with clean water repeatedly to dilute any residual material.

On Sunday the only other remarkable thing to report is that we were able to make a u-turn leaving the campground, so that we did not have to travel a few miles down the road to find a wider intersection.

Next week is Labor Day at North Beach!


Captain Skip

A comfortable day at Pellicer Creek Campground

A comfortable day at Pellicer Creek Campground

First outing with new ML350 at Pellicer Creek

First putting with new ML350 at Pellicer Creek