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Shout out to Airstream of Tampa for great service and customer care! The short version of our story is that a leak in the panoramic window on our 2018 25 FC FB Twin resulted in needing to replace the flooring due to a stain under the dinette. Since the cure requires removing the cabinetry on the floor we were unsure if we should trust this work to a dealership or not. The team at Airstream of Tampa convinced us that they were experienced at this procedure and could do the job.

They were right! We picked up ChILL (Changes in Latitude Likely) this weekend to find it in perfect condition, and I mean in like-new condition. All cabinetry aligned and secured, all systems tested and working, even the outside cleaned and detailed. It has never looked better.

We picked up ChILL on Friday morning and took it for a drive down I-4 for about 90 minutes to introduce some vibration to make sure everything was secure and settled in. It was solid and secure. There were a few very minor adjustments that were needed and immediately taken care of.

Being late in the day, we decided to spend the night at the service center and ride out the tropical storm in their parking lot. Overnight with the continuous rain we discovered a previously unrevealed minor leak in the bathroom. The next morning, rain and all the service team took us directly into their shop and found and fixed the leak. It turned out to be a deteriorating seal on the bathroom fan. As a preventative, they replaced the seal on the other side as well as well as touched-up any other potential problem areas.

Now keep in mind that we did not have an appointment for this and other dealers probably would have asked us to leave it and reschedule. We live in Jacksonville and the 4+ hour trek to the service center takes planning and is not convenient. The service team does a great job of respecting the challenges of our situation and is very accommodating. RV One has put a big investment in this facility and the service team and it shows. Just thought you might be interested in our experience.


Captain Skip