Finally we are back on the road again! It has been over six months since our last camping adventure. Much too long of a time to not be traveling with the Island Time. Between family events, a cold that would never go away, and business travel things have just conspired to keep us occupied with other things.

As tradition holds, we are spending the weekend at our favorite Stagecoach RV campground. We are in space #46 which is a very nice place like all of the spaces here. We arrived last night around 7:00 PM which was as soon as we could get ready after work. I flew home from Chicago on a business trip and was passing through downtown Jacksonville about the same time that Jeannie leaves the office. As I was creeping along in traffic I noticed a car that looked just like our ML350. Turns out it was Jeannie as she merged into traffic onto 95 Southbound. I noticed a big smile and received a phone call at the same time and we laughed at the odds of this happening. What a great homecoming escort after being gone all week.

I am glad to get away from work. While there is a lot to be said about that, this is all I am going to say about it.

The Island Time is pretty dirty, but we hope to give it a complete washing tomorrow when we return. Jeannie is cleaning the inside and I am troubleshooting our Internet connection. After a couple of hours of trying to fix it, I somehow managed to get the repeater working. I am still not sure of what I did to get it working.

Anyway, it is great to be back at it again! Getting ready for another six months of fun!


Captain Skip