Dates: 3/13 – 3/15

Location: Suwannee River Hideaway Campground


  • Site F6
  • Unique experience finding campground. Going from highway to back roads that keep getting narrower in the middle of nowhere.
  • Staff was very helpful
  • Unique layout. Pull-in site that we exit across another campsite. Enough room though not to worry
  • Used Autoformer, but electricity was good
  • Supposed to have great Internet, but we had issues. 
  • Weak cell service from AT&T. One bar mostly. Hotspot was not much better. Using antenna Inside was not helpful
  • Perfect weather
  • Smells like natural mint! Amazing!
  • Did Nature Coast Trail Old Town to “Y” junction
  • About 5 miles round trip
  • Took bridge over Suwannee River
  • Beautiful trail and perfect weather
  • Parked behind Hardees in Old Town; trail access right behind it
  • Zephyr stayed alone in crate for the first time